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Financing, and setting up your manufactured home.

Mistakes to avoid & tips to remember when buying a manufactured home on the internet.

  • Don't be misled by *loss leader pricing . . . Be sure you find out what IS AND IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE PRICE! (Tip: Is delivery and setup included.....or is that EXTRA?)
  • Make sure customer satisfaction is as important to the company you are buying from, as it is to you!
  •  Service after the sale! If you want to be left on an island with no help in sight, then you'd take a vacation! Right? Know what the company offers for "after the sale" service! At Leisureland Homes - We are always here for you!
  •  Can you walk through the houses to GET A REAL FEEL for the features and options? (Tip: Take floor plans with you for comparison.)
  •  Are you being rushed or pushed to quickly? Tip: Remember, you are the one that will be living in the house so make sure it is right for you!
  •  Are you comfortable with your salesperson? Dealing face-to-face will help assure trust in your consultant. Purchasing a new home is a BIG DEAL! Tip: Make sure you are truly comfortable with and trust your salesperson! Buying your home should be a pleasant stress-free experience.

*A loss leader or leader is a product sold at a low price (at cost or below cost) to stimulate other, profitable sales. It is a kind of sales promotion, in other words marketing concentrating on a pricing strategy. The price can even be so low that the product is sold at a loss. A loss leader is often a popular article sold at that price, like a car with no extra accessories.

Enjoy the Manufactured Homeownership Experience!